Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Low-Carb Experiment

formerly Livin' a Little Low-Carb

Over the past few days I've decided to go low-carb. I picked up 'Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution' which I had never read all the way through and decided to actually read what it had to say. I got a large way through the first part of the book before I got a little impatient and flipped through to the 'Induction Phase' chapter. I understood a lot of what Dr. Atkins was trying to get across and decided that low-carb would be interesting to try again for a little while. I had done Atkins' once before and had lost 12 lbs. in 2 weeks, so I thought I would see how well I could do this time.

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I started 3 days ago, Sunday night with a dinner of organic sausage and eggs. That dinner seemed to really kick-start it because the next day I did started out a bit lighter and started the day out feeling good. On Monday I started the day with organic uncured bacon and eggs, and did pretty well eating high protein throughout the day. I had a few pitfalls as I snacked on natural chips and organic yogurt, and had a few glasses of Organic Pastures raw milk throughout the day, and I even had a small bowl of sprouted granola. Even with that my body successfully went into ketosis, burning fat for fuel, and I started Tuesday morning about 5 pounds lighter than I was Monday night.

I kind of fell off the band wagon on Tuesday as I accidentally ate a banana, which my brain kept telling me was off limits, but I had not yet read that far into Atkins' so I caved. Later I had a slice of sprouted cinnamon raisin bread, and by late afternoon I had a large bowl of organic oats and honey granola with Organic Pastures raw almonds. I felt the change in my body fairly quickly and could tell that my body was pretty much out of ketosis. At this point I went to the Atkins' book and read more thoroughly what was and wasn't allowed. I wasn't supposed to have fruit, bread, nuts, grains, or dairy products other than cheese, cream, or butter. I had consciously made an exception to the rules for the raw milk, but not so for the other foods. I had remembered upon previously glancing through the Atkins' book that I was supposed to limit to 20 grams of carbs, which I did well the day before, despite eating from the don't list, but not so much for Tuesday.

I started today at the same weight that I was Tuesday morning, thankfully, but not with further weightloss as I had idealistically hoped. I was a bit discouraged. We're a bit low on some of the tastier proteins that I enjoyed the days before, and I was bit more dependent on eggs and natural hot dogs than I'd prefer. I ended up starting the day with local, organic strawberries that were getting soft, that we didn't want to go bad. I then had scrambled eggs with with organic chicken sausage, bell peppers, green onions, tomatoes, and cheese. I had organic, grass-fed hot dogs with real relish and sauerkraut for lunch, snacked on yogurt with organic dark chocolate, and had chicken sausage and eggs for dinner. I'm feeling pretty good today, not as great as I did on Monday but, certainly better than I felt on Tuesday. I'm up late (yes, I know, sleep is important for health and weightloss!) but, here's hoping for some positive results Thursday morning.

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  1. Hi Tanisha,

    I found you on ButterBuddies. I am wondering if you have heard about the 4 Hour Body Diet that AnnMarie of Cheeseslave is on? I am thinking about doing it. I like it because you get your body fat % checked before, and go on measurements and body fat instead of weight. You also get a binge day, which makes the dieting bearable. Also interesting is the article on fatty liver syndrome in the current Wise Traditions. Best wishes on your weightloss journey.

  2. Hi Kiki, sorry for the late reply! I haven't hear much about the 4 Hour Body Diet, except that I saw Cheeseslave mentioning it. I was definitely intending to look it up though. sounds interesting! I have, since this post, stepped away from Atkins again as that is not something that I want to do long term and didn't care for too much, in the short term. I know there are varying views on exercise out there but, I think for me personally, at this stage in my life, that my sedentary lifestyle is a major factor in my weight. I also have yet to purchase Wise Traditions which, I definitely need to work on. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi, I found you through Blogslina's class forum. Atkins can be very tough in the induction phase. I've never made it through myself without breaking down the first week. However are you at all familiar with paleo or primal (much like Atkins Maintenance) lifestyles? They are not diets per-say but a way of living. Some do very low carbohydrates (VLC) but most follow a 50g-100g of carbs a day, just choosing the right carbs (often suggested are tubers or rice, no gluten). I think you are already doing wonderful for your body with the organics and raw dairy! But maybe it's not a diet you need, just some recalculations of what you are already eating?

  4. Hi and welcome Heather! I'm actually am more of a follower of Weston A. Price. I've read a bit about paleo and primal diets and find that they have components in common with both Atkins, and Weston A. Price but, the teachings of Dr. Price and the Weston A. Price Foundation fit more of what works for and makes since to me. I mostly tried Atkins to see how much it had in common with WAPF practices and to observe its affects.